Message From President


Dear colleagues,

At the outset I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to you all for nominating me as President of ISA , Assam. I will try my best to live upto your expectation during my tenure.

I am so happy to see that ISA, Assam is progressing very well for last two years under the able guidance of very energetic secretary Dr. Surajit Giri. He is continuously putting on efforts to improve the standard of anaesthesia practice and also to elevate the working environment of all the anaesthesiologists in our state. I will extend all my support to Dr. Giri upto my capability in his endeavour.

Some of our city branches are doing excellent works holding regular CMEs, workshops. Worth-mentioning is Guwahati city branch under the able leadership of Dr. Tridip Goswami. I wish other city branches too to take more initiatives in conducting more academic activities to enhance the standard of anaesthesia. Over the years I have noticed that our young anaesthesiologists are doing excellent jobs keeping it up to national and international standards. Facilities are also provided much more by the hospital managements than that of a decade back. So all our colleagues should utilise the best available to provide safe and sound anaesthesia.

Safety of the patients should be the foremost priority with a smooth and comfortable outcome. For that we need to be more involved with the patients starting with PAC till post operative recovery period. We all should try to make an impact on our patients' and relatives' minds so that they remember the man behind the screen whose role is so vitals for all the years to come. Actually we no longer should consider ourselves as men/ women behind the screen, gone are with those days.

We must realise that we are the best peri- operative physicians because of our knowledge of basic physiology and surgical dynamics. That is why we should not allow this responsibility to slip out of our hands. Beware, a new speciality is being considered in Europe for last few years as 'peri-operative physician' and there is every possibility that Internal medicine people might take it up.

I request you all to maintain highest level of unity amongst yourselves and help each other in the hour of professional needs. please do not get too involved in the professional rate race.

Lastly I like to request you all to try to project yourselves more in national and international levels by presenting works in forms of paper presentations and publications in journals. You all are doing excellent jobs in your work places but only things lack of presentation.

I wish you all a very successful work year ahead. Also wish you all with your family members very happy and prosperous lives.