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Message From President


Dear colleagues,

At the outset I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to you all for nominating me as President of ISA , Assam. I will try my best to live upto your expectation during my tenure.

I am so happy to see that ISA, Assam is progressing very well for last two years under the able guidance of very energetic secretary Dr. Surajit Giri. He is continuously putting on efforts to improve the standard of anaesthesia practice and also to elevate the working environment of all the anaesthesiologists in our state. I will extend all my support to Dr. Giri upto my capability in his endeavour.

Some of our city branches are doing excellent works holding regular CMEs, workshops. Worth-mentioning is Guwahati city branch under the able leadership of Dr. Tridip Goswami. I wish other city branches too to take more initiatives in conducting more academic activities to enhance the standard of anaesthesia. Over the years I have noticed that our young anaesthesiologists are doing excellent jobs keeping it up to national and international standards. Facilities are also provided much more by the hospital managements than that of a decade back. So all our colleagues should utilise the best available to provide safe and sound anaesthesia. Read more


Message From Secretary

Dr. Surajit Giri

Respected Seniors, Dear Friends and Colleagues

At the outset, I would like to dedicate this website to members of Assam branch of ISA.

I thought about the website as there is no common platform to share and communicate with members of Assam branch of ISA. Now a day we all have Internet on our fingertips and we are heading towards 4G era. With a simple CLICK, we are connected with everyone without having to ring people personally. Hope this website will help unite everyone and increase our recognition as a strong community.

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